Obligations of the Owners
Bylaws Article X

All owners are obligated to pay all semi-annual maintenance fees, assessments and charges determined, levied and imposed by the Board of Directors for such purposes as are enumerated in the Master Deed and Declaration. Such fees, assessments and charges so levied shall be paid on or before the dates affixed by resolution of the Board.

Written notices of the charges and the date of payment shall be sent to each owner at the address given to the Board. If not paid; a lien on the unit week(s) shall be constituted and assessed when the Board records it in the office of the clerk of court and mailed to the owner. Upon payment of said assessment and charges the Board will record a notice stating satisfaction and release of said lien. If not satisfied; the lien may be foreclosed by suit of the Board. The owner is suspended from Deercreek, ownership week(s) usage and facilities there of, until all assessments, charges and penalties have been paid.

Additional owner obligations include:

  • Reimburse Deercreek for any damage repair costs caused by owner, family, guest lessees, (No pets allowed).
  • All units shall be used for residential purposes only.
  • No structural modifications or alterations made.
  • Not place in any common areas or facilities any furniture, packages or objects of any kind.
  • Shall grant the right of entry to authorized persons in the case of any emergency originating in or threaten the unit.
  • Shall grant right of entry to authorized persons to enter his unit on a regular recurring basis for routine maintenance and upkeep and as provided in the Master Deed and Declaration, Article V owners of units week 1 to 8 inclusive and unit weeks 48 to 52 inclusive, known as the maintenance period shall be required to grant the right to enter his premises and have exclusive possession there of, for a seven day period, once every six years.
  • Shall occupy and use said unit, the common areas and facilities of Deercreek only during his owned unit week(s).
  • Shall adhere to good rules of conduct:
  • Not post any advertisements or posters of any kind in or on the property.
  • Exercise extreme care about making noises or the use of musical instruments, radios, television and amplifiers that may disturb other residents.
  • Not hang garments, rugs, etc. from the windows or buildings, using only clothes lines provided for wet items in the unit entrance.
  • Not dust rugs, etc. from window or building.
  • Not throw garbage or trash anywhere, except in provided containers.
  • These rules of conduct are not all inclusive and the Board may issue and promulgate such additional rules and regulations as deemed necessary or desirable for the use, occupancy and enjoyments by the owners thereof.