New Owner Manual

Deercreek was the first vacation ownership property in South Carolina! Deercreek is a well-established, private community located on Deerfield Plantation, an exclusive 540-acre resort community.

As a new owner at Deercreek, you have purchased fee ownership in one or more “unit week(s).” You have the exclusive right of occupancy to your unit during your unit week with the advantage of sharing costs with other owners. Your vacation ownership consists of unit week(s) based on a perpetual calendar, and even though the dates may change somewhat, your week(s) will remain the same forever. An updated calendar, as well as a five-year calendar, is provided each year for your convenience.

Also, as a new owner at Deercreek, you not only own your unit week, but also a percentage of the common areas; the pool, spa, tennis courts, driveways, playgrounds, etc.

Check-In Procedures

Deercreek begins the week on Sunday. Office hours are from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. for checking in. The non-occupancy time, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., allows housekeeping time to clean the units and gives the maintenance staff time to inspect the units and make necessary repairs. Please abide with this time schedule. If the staff accommodates early arrivals, maintenance time on the unit is reduced and this results in homeowner complaints.

If you expect to arrive after 6:00 p.m., please call the office to get instructions for your late key pick-up. If family or friends are using your unit, please let the office know the party’s name and where they are from. Keys will not be released to anyone other than the owner, unless prior notification is received.

At check-in, you will receive a package of useful information that includes all the activities and entertainment in the area for your enjoyment.

Check-Out Procedures

Check-out time is 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. Everyone is expected to follow the check-out procedures, outlined below, prior to departure. These procedures are also posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen.

Remove all items from refrigerator. Place all trash in the garbage can located outside the kitchen door. Return all furniture to its proper place and all recreation equipment, games, DVDs, etc. to the office. If there are dirty dishes, start the dishwasher by 9:00 a.m. Unplug all small appliances. Turn off all lights and fans. Leave thermostat at 72 during summer and 68 during winter. Close and lock all windows and doors. Clean grill if used. Return all keys to the office. There is a $10.00 re-keying charge for lost keys. Report any losses and damages to the office.

Contents and Inventory

The units at Deercreek have been completely furnished and decorated for the owner’s enjoyment and use. Dishes, glasses, silverware, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, televisions, washer and dryer, linens, and towels are all provided for your convenience. Everything will be ready for your carefree vacation when you arrive; you need bring nothing except food and clothes.

Each owner is responsible for checking the unit for loss or damage and reporting it immediately to the Deercreek office. Loss or damage above and beyond normal wear and tear will be charged to the vacation owner of the unit week in which the loss or damage occurred.

No additional furnishings are allowed, and no furnishings are to be moved between units.

Common Areas and Recreational Facilities

The common areas and recreational facilities of Deercreek are provided for the use and enjoyment of vacation owners. Use of the facilities other than during your specified week must be limited due to overcrowding of the facilities.

The recreational areas include the swimming pool, spa, cabana, horseshoe pit, tennis courts, volleyball, shuffleboard and play areas. Management requests that the pool, spa, volleyball, shuffleboard and tennis courts not be used after 11:00 p.m. Only approved tennis shoes while on the tennis courts are permitted. Bicycle riding, skateboards, skates, street shoes, hard soled flip-flops, and similar items are strictly forbidden on the tennis court. Other rules relating to the use of recreational facilities will be posted to ensure safe and proper use. Please assist management in enforcing these rules for the benefit of all homeowners.

Beach chairs, tennis rackets and balls, horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard equipment, games, DVDs and books may be rented out at the office.

Office Hours

Office hours at Deercreek are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday. Should you have an emergency or need to reach management or staff after hours, the phone numbers are easily found on the bulletin board in each kitchen and are also provided in your check-in package.


Each unit is assigned two parking spaces. If additional parking is necessary, overflow parking is available with a parking pass that can be obtained in the office.


Management has a passkey to all units. The passkey is used for cleaning, maintenance repairs and emergency situations.


No offensively loud or annoying activity is permitted at Deercreek. Disturbing noises (such as fireworks) or loud entertainment will not be tolerated. Glass items are strictly forbidden in the pool area. These rules should provide adequate freedom and opportunity for everyone to enjoy the recreational facilities.

Damages and Malfunctions

Damage or loss incurred should be reported immediately to the office to allow sufficient time for replacement or repair. Also, if any appliance malfunctions, notify the office so repairs can be made as quickly as possible. We want your vacation to be as pleasant as possible.

Maintenance of Units

Each homeowner is to notify the office if they will or will not be using their unit and what day they will be arriving. With our occupancy rate continuing to rise, it’s getting more difficult to get into the units to complete necessary repairs. If we know when everyone is to arrive, we will be able to complete more maintenance checks and make necessary repairs. This will help in keeping our units in top condition.

A full-time maintenance staff is on duty from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., seven days a week. Please do not impose on them to perform menial tasks and personal chores.

Each homeowner is expected to do their part to help keep costs down. Please turn off all lights and televisions when not in use and employ energy conservation in setting the heating and air conditioning thermostat. Sitting on furniture arms, or sitting on furniture in wet bathing suits should be discouraged to keep our furniture in good condition for as long as possible.

Operation and Maintenance Costs

Annual maintenance fees are billed semi-annually; January 1 and July 1. This fee covers taxes, exterior and interior maintenance, full liability insurance, interior contents insurance, pool, spa and tennis court upkeep, trash removal, sewer and water service, electricity, cable television, and local telephone service. Also included are housekeeping and linen services and a full range of maintenance services.

A late charge is applied when payment is not received within 25 days of the invoice. The owner must be reminded that unpaid fees are subject to liens, which can be assessed against the property under the terms of the master deed. Homeowners should also be aware that failure to pay maintenance fees or assessments results in loss of use of their property until these payments are made. This also applies to late charges imposed. The Board of Directors of the Council of Co-Owners authorized these charges.

Fire Safety

Fire hazards are always a potential problem. Each unit is equipped with a smoke detector in the entrance hall just before you ascend the stairs and in the upper hall of the three and four bedroom units. The detectors (activated by ions in the smoke) are very sensitive and will emit a loud sound until the combustible products have cleared the detection chamber. We recommend you plan an escape route with the family for each bedroom and choose a place for the family to meet outside in the event of a fire.

Please abide by good safety rules; no smoking in bed, not overloading electrical circuits, and making sure appliances are turned off when not in use.

Maximum Occupancy

Each vacation owner is allowed a maximum overnight occupancy of two persons per bedroom, plus two additional people.


Deercreek is a no smoking resort. Please make sure your guests are aware they can only smoke in the unit patio with the sliding glass doors closed. Abusers will be charged a $250.00 fine to cover the additional cleaning costs.


No pets are allowed on Deercreek property. Violators will be charged $250.00.

Exterior Alterations

No alterations, projections, or changes to the external surfaces can be made by any owner. No signs, advertisements, notices, or other lettering can be exhibited or affixed to any unit. No articles of clothing or towels are allowed to be hung outside the unit. No sidewalk, entrance, passage, or other area shall be obstructed, encumbered, or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress.

Violation of Policies

Should you observe any violations, please report it to the Deercreek Office for investigation and corrective action.

Resale, Exchange, and Rental of the Vacation Ownership

If an owner is interested in the rental of his vacation ownership, please contact the Deercreek office at (843) 650-2196. If an owner is interested in the resale of his vacation ownership any realtor can be used.

Deercreek owners can elect to be affiliated with an international condominium exchange program, “RCI”, which enables owners to swap weeks with other resorts worldwide. Further information can be obtained by calling the RCI vacation counselor department at 800-338-7777.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Council of Co-Owners is comprised of five owners, elected to two-year terms. The Board is responsible for hiring and supervising Deercreek management, formulating the operating budget, approving capital expenditures, and establishing maintenance fees. The Board analyzes every aspect of Deercreek operations. As homeowners themselves, their objective is to maintain an excellent facility at minimal costs.

The Board of Directors welcomes comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Annual Meetings

Annual meetings of the Council of Co-Owners are held on the first Saturday in March. The purpose of the meeting is to update homeowners of projects completed, what new projects are planned and the election of new officers.

Homeowners are welcome to bring any matter before the Council and may do so by contacting the office at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting, to get the item on the agenda.

We are proud to welcome you as a new owner to the Deercreek family! If you have questions at any time, please call!

Deercreek Office: (843) 650-2196
Office Fax: (843) 650-0404
Maintenance: (843) 668-4132
Emergency: (843) 650-1362